Standard rates per source word

For smaller documents we charge a standard rate per word. We have a minimum rate per assignment of €45.
Adjusted rates are applicable for regular customers and larger assignments. You can ask for our rates for all language combinations.

Discount for repetitions

Adjusted rates apply to a document with a lot of repetitions, or several documents which are very similar to each other (see the table on the right). This can result in important discounts for you as a customer. Our computer program analyses the document or a number of documents and generates an overview of repetitions, (fuzzy) matches, etc.

Based on this we can give you an offer including these discounts. We keep a translation memory for our regular customers, in which all previously translated text is stored, so that it can be reused at a later time.

Adjusted rates for repetitions etc. in € (example)

0 ~ 84% match: 100% of new word rate0.10
85% ~ 94% match: 50% of new word rate0.05
95% ~ 99% match: 30% of new word rate0.03
100% and context match: 0% of new word rate0.00
Repetitions: 0% of new word rate0.00


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